Food Plant Solutions is a Life Skills as well as Rural Development training program that has been developed by the Rotary Club of Devonport, Australia purposed to teach school-aged children in developing nations how to grow the best produce to meet their nutritional needs while also addressing plaguing social issues including malnutrition and poverty. The program involves building a small garden at the school where participants will learn simple, effective and modern agricultural techniques in addition to learning the available crop types to/for their area and what their economic yield is per year.

The goal is to teach students to harness their local plant resources so they can better feed themselves and their families using existing and available resources coupled with better agricultural practices. Additionally, children will then share this new knowledge at home encouraging better agricultural practices, broader crop variations, and consequently increase income.

Another goal is to teach students the importance of agriculture within and open their minds to different opportunities and ways of going about things. Often it is harder to change more established mindsets in more mature farmers but in working with children, we have an opportunity to encourage them to try new ideas and even increase further study in this field. 

$2,000 provides one school with a Food Plant Solutions program