Out of our earnest desire to help not only individuals in need of a helping hand, but entire communities, we established our ADOPT-A-VILLAGE program some years ago.

This project is focused on churches, businesses or individuals supporting community-wide transformation by ‘adopting a village’. Through this long-term investment or ‘adoption’, they actively support and resource where necessary a community-wide process of development that will greatly benefit the targeted community.

Given this particular project is about journeying with whole communities as they navigate the process of development, a variety of projects and programs are made available to the respective area to utilise based on their identified and felt needs which we discover together through our Community Development Workshopd (see next tab). These projects and programs usually include a combination any of our Community Development; Child & Youth Advocacy; and Life Skills Training initiatives though the ‘package’ looks different in each community as it is based on the communities’ identified needs, not our opinion as the assisting organisation or because of any other outside influences.

Donors also have the opportunity to visit their ‘adopted’ area they are supporting and be actively involved in ‘their community’.