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Water Safety Training

Water Safety TrainingDid you know drowning kills more young people aged under 15 years worldwide than tuberculosis and measles? In Vietnam, drowning is a leading cause of death in children especially in poor, flood prone rural communities which are close to rivers, creeks and the sea.

For struggling families in…

Students Making A Difference

Emmanuel Christian SchoolThis week we hosted a school team from Emmanuel Christian School who gave up their school holidays to bring their energy and enthusiasm to our work in rural communities in Vietnam.

The team of 11 were tutors at an English camp for high school students, got their hands dirty assisting…

A harvest of results

“What’s your secret?” “How can we grow crops like you?” They’re questions that father-of-three, Tiep, is frequently asked by passers-by after joining our Adopt-A-Farmer program. 

Just two years ago, Tiep, 55 and his wife Yen, 54, were eking out a living as cassava and sweet potato farmers. Through…

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