Stuck on a gift idea for mum? Why not get mum something that will last a lifetime?

In rural villages throughout Vietnam, more than one-third of children experience stunted development. Mothers often lack access to education about what they should eat while pregnant and experience the heartbreak of seeing their child struggling from early on. 

From our experience, these mothers desperately crave information about how to give their babies a head start in life and to ensure their children reach their full potential. 

Mothers can learn this vital information through our Maternal Nutrition workshops that we deliver in rural villages. The workshops aim to improve the health of expectant mothers and mothers with babies and children. This small investment early on has a huge impact on a child’s development and their long-term future.

What do the participants learn in the workshops?

For just $50, you can pay for an expectant mother or mother with young children to attend a Maternal Nutrition Workshop. 

Help give a mother and her child a healthy start today.



How does it work?

STEP 1 - Check out the gifts listed and select which one/s are right for that special someone.
STEP 2 - Place your order by following the donation prompts on the right, or by calling ACCIR on +61 3 8516 9600.
STEP 3 - Email AOG WR Vietnam - - with a copy of your online order and the name/s of who you want the gift cards made out to.
STEP 4 - Print out your AOG WR Vietnam gift cards and give them to that special someone and know that you have made a big difference in people’s lives.

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