Gifts of Hope is a giving opportunity for those who want to give and receive a gift with a difference - one that will literally change someone’s world. These gifts don’t fill your drawers or cupboards with extra things you don’t need. Instead, they are practical ways of helping people in need here in Vietnam.

How does it work?

STEP 1 - Check out the gifts listed below that can change people’s lives in Vietnam and select which one/s are right for that special someone.
STEP 2 - Place your order by following the donation prompts on the right, or by calling ACCIR on +61 3 8516 9600.
STEP 3 - Email AOG WR Vietnam - - with a copy of your online order and the name/s of who you want the gift cards made out to.
STEP 4 - Print out your AOG WR Vietnam gift cards and give them to that special someone at Christmas and know that you have made a big difference in people’s lives.


Helmets Gifts of Hope Helmets - $15
For just $15 you can literally save a life by providing a child with a helmet
Life Skills English Camp Gifts of Hope Life Skills English Camp - $30
For just $20 you can sponsor a child to attend a Life Skills Camp which is all about helping kids make right choices. 
Water Safety Gifts of Hope Water Safety Training- $30
A mere $30 can literally save a child’s life by providing them with the opportunity to learn basic swimming & water safety techniques.For $100 you could support 4 children in this same program.
Nutrition Training Gifts of Hope Nutrtion Training- $40
For $40 you could support a child in a 3-month long Nutrition Program run in their school or support a pregnant mother learn the importance of nutrition & ways to implement these at home.
Life Skills Gifts of Hope Life Skills Personal Development Training - $50 
Sponsor someone to join in our Life Skills Training to discover their destiny & also help counter the growing epidemic of human trafficking by highlighting their incredible value & uniqueness.
Adopt-A-Farmer Gifts of Hope Adopt-A-Farmer - $140
Sponsor a farmer as they learn new agricultural techniques and the importance of varying their crops as well as putting this new knowledge into practice over the course of a year.
Mobility Aids Gifts of Hope Mobility Aids - $240
For just $240 you can radically improve the quality of life for a physically impaired child by providing them with equipment that gives them dignity, freedom, and increased opportunities for a less restricted life.
Where Most Needed - Any Amount